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Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Book: The Pyromancer's Last Stand.

Hey again Its Chris :-D 8D I Made an Online Book Called The Pyromancers Last Stand! Here is Chapter 1!

Chapter 1 First One Down.
: (as the  Winds Blow in The Dark in a Dream The Death Takes over and Runs the Land..........) ( mean While..) Christoper: Jack! Wake up! Jack: Why? its a saturday? Christoper: Oh Yea.. My Bad ^.^  Jack: so we Ready For Fire school Wand School? Christoper: Yea and i wonder why they put it On a Saturday? Jack: Me too. I: X Jack Gets Ready and Heads out Door But when walked out Door there was a sound x Sound: ................................... Christoper: Uh Jack What was That ...... Sound? Jack: Yea lets take a look Real Quick x Jack and  Christoper Look for what made that sound x Christoper: I Think i Found it woa- x Without an other Word a Dark Power Grabs Christopers Arm and takes him away x Christoper: Help! Jack: Christoper!.....

Ok Well That was Chapter 1! Stay Tuned for Part 2!

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