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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Rare Pet Drop List!

Ok Allot of You Know there are allot of Pet Drops in The Sprial so i made a list!

New rare pet drops!
Wizards City
  • Unicorn Way, rattle bones drops Myth Fairy.
  • Haunted Cave, Nightshade boss drops Blue Banshee.
  • Sunken City, Grubb drops Blue Thug Cat
  • Tomb of storms, Krokopatra drops Life Troll.
  • Ahnic family tomb, King Ahnic drops Life Banshee.
  • Tomb of Beguiler, Seker drops Green Thug Cat.
  • Karanhan Barracks, Kiwi drops Mander.
Marley Bone
  • Big Ben, Spike the crusher drops White Rat
  • Big Ben, Meowty drops Myth Ghoul.
  • Crimson Field, Secret boss from raising the flags drops Death Ninja Pig.
  • Shoritaki Temple, Plauge Oni drops Life Scarab.
  • Ancient burial grounds, Crazed forest spirit drops Crab.
  • Tree of Life, Akuji drops Red Banshee
  • Tree of Life, the secret Imp boss drops War Helephant.
  • Tree of Life, Death Oni drops Death Bat and Myth Leprachan.
· Plaza of conquest, Sea Lord drops Storm Snowman.
· Plaza of conquest, Gurtok Demon drops Crimson Spectre.
· Plaza of conquest, Karuvian drops Death Minotaur.
· Plaza of conquest, General Greystone drops Death Cyclops.
· Crusible, Boris Blackrock drops Fire Snake.
· Crystal Grove, Yeva Spiderkeeper drops Queen Spider.
· Drakes Hatchery, Victor Snowcrusher drops Rattlebones.
· The Labyrinth, Silver Sentinel drops Ice Zilla.
· The Labyrinth, The Dean drops Boss Banshee and Pale Maiden.
· Helgrid Warren, Runed Annihilator drops Silver Colossus.
· Helgird Warren, Dark Oak Life boss drops Life Minotaur.
· Hall of Vallor, Jotun drops Death Troll and Life Bat and above Jotun the Myth boss in the top room drops Zombie.
· Ravenscar, Nightwing drops Ice Bird.
· Ravenscar, Brothers Raven drops Silverback wild claw.
· Ravenscar, Demon Gurtok drops Fire Bat.

Well there it is! :D

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