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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sry for not Posting for a while and More!

Sry for not Posting for a while i been farming for pets and now i got Four Pets
One: a Rat magican Two: a pirate Three: Firebird Four: a Green cat Thurug

i still cant find my pets yet :( and i am trying to get that Crabling and some of you notice some stuff i added to the blog right? well there is a poll that says: What would win Fire or Ice? well if you havent seen it yet then go to the side and find the poll i got my own choice already XD and in Other New there is a New wallpaper out for Celestia Were getting closer!!!!! :D in late june or Early July we get to Start quest for Celestia i think so! and in The New wallpaper there is a whale it looks like its a Creature on the streets and the other crabs :P

Well thats all for today! and Friendly Cracked the code at the bottom it says

Beanth the Waves the stars Still Shine

i wonder what that Means? well See ya!

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