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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watson Talk! And Other News!

Ok So before we Talk with Watson i Wanna say something My Folllower's Profile Pictures wont show up. and i need help really badly :(

Ok Now back to The Talk. Last time: Chris: Hey Watson Watson:Hey Chris Chris: so hows Marleybone been doing? Watson: very good By The way all the crimes are finshed and were all realaxing. Chris: hmm so What do you think about Celestia? Watson: i Think its gonna be Great Chris: Me Too and I noticed a code on The New Wallpaper! and i think friendly had the code! Watson what do you think was it? CHRIS: I am not sure yet but thats all we got today thank you Watson for being here! Watson: No problem!

Ok So Here the other Celestia Photo!

Pretty good!

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